Pointe des grives smartgrid programme

Supporting the Grand Port Maritime de La Martinique (GPMLM) in its energy transition

As Martinique’s electricity system is still heavily dependent on fossil energies, the GPMLM is implementing an energy transition approach by deploying a smartgrid, the objective of which is to enable ships to be supplied with electricity on the quayside, by decarbonising the electricity delivered to them.

Artelia is assisting the port authorities with this project, which includes the supply of renewable energy, storage systems and the electrification of quaysides.


The Grand Port Maritime de La Martinique (GPMLM), as a major logistics tool through which most of the island’s containerised maritime traffic transits, is also undertaking an energy transition. In particular, it has decided to implement a programme called “Smartgrid Pointe des Grives”, aimed to supply electricity to ships at quayside. 

Artelia, which has been working with the GPMLM for a number of years and in particular carried out the extension of its container terminals, is now assisting it with this project. Our teams are in charge of the preliminary design studies through to assistance with tendering, and will be responsible for supervising the works, commissioning the facilities and monitoring their performance. Thanks to these facilities, the port expects to achieve energy savings of 30% in two years and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, by enabling container ships to connect to the port’s electricity network and shut down their engines when they are alongside the quayside.