Syngenta Monthey Mandi

Optimization of installations on two production lines

Syngenta, a leading international group specializing in seed production and crop protection, has signed a multi-year engineering and project management framework contract with Artelia to work on thirty-two of its sites in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. At the strategic Monthey site (Switzerland), our teams contributed to the reorganization of two product lines.


Monthey is Syngenta’s largest production site in the world. It manufactures herbicides, fungicides and insecticides to protect global crops such as cotton, rice, cereals and citrus. It also houses a new product development center. Through the project entrusted to Artelia, Syngenta wanted to separate, within a single building, two production lines sharing certain equipment in order to make them autonomous and increase the production capacity of one of them.

Our teams helped Syngenta to identify the best technical solutions, and supported it throughout the reorganization project, right up to the recommissioning of the two lines. The first production line was redesigned to make it independent, while retaining the existing equipment. The second was completely modernized, with an improved process and dedicated equipment. As a result, production capacity was increased by 50%. The operation was carried out in a densely occupied workshop, which required extensive space optimization. Mobilizing the Group’s varied skills, in particular those of the Artelia Industrie site in Lyon, our teams developed this project using E3D CAD software. Following this project, Artelia was selected by Syngenta Monthey to carry out another project. The teams working on this new project were able to put their knowledge of Syngenta Monthey’s know-how and technical requirements to good use.

Photo credits: Syngenta