Turnkey wind farm project “Entre Tille & Venelle”

A high capacity project for France, mostly built in forests to preserve the peace and quiet of local residents

For several years now, Artelia has been working with Velocita énergies, an energy transition specialist that develops, finances, builds and operates many renewable energy farms in France. As part of this collaboration, our Group has completed the turnkey “Entre Tilles et Venelle” wind farm project, an exceptional project for France, including 16 wind turbines spread over 4 municipalities, with a total production capacity of 40 MW.


Along with photovoltaic solar energy, wind power is one of the fastest-growing energy sources over the last twenty years, and one on which specialists are still relying to ensure the sector’s decarbonisation. For several years now, Artelia has been supporting developers, including Velocita Energies in France, by offering them turnkey onshore wind farms or by working on the various components of their projects.

In 2019, our teams delivered the turnkey “Entre Tilles et Venelle” wind farm in France, financed by Velocita, with full project management (design, management, works supervision). Our teams were involved in the development of the site (access roads, craning platform), civil engineering (soil reinforcements), and HVA electrical infrastructure and fibre optics (supply, transport, assembly, commissioning of equipment and 5 substations).

Located in the Côte d’Or, north of the town of Dijon, this wind farm comprises 16 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 2.5 MW, most of which are located in forests. It is expected to generate 107 GWh of electricity a year, equivalent to the consumption of 50,000 people. Initiated in 2008, the project was developed in conjunction with all the relevant parties (local authorities, landowners, farmers, forest managers, local residents, etc.) and was the subject of participatory financing.

Photo credits: Velocita