Artelia Maroc was born from the merger between Coteba Maroc, Sogreah Maroc and Coteba Tangiers. It is a public limited company governed by Moroccan law, and has maintained its specific characteristics and the know-how and dynamism of the three initial companies, while introducing even more creativity and innovation to its teams.

Coteba Maroc was created in 1981 following the participation of Coteba in a project in that country in 1971: it provided coordination, planning and management services for the construction of new headquarters for Office Chérifien des Phosphates (O.C.P.) in Casablanca.

Sogreah was involved in projects in Morocco for more than 15 years, mainly in the fields of water, sewerage, maritime engineering and agricultural irrigation systems. These sustained activities led to the creation of Sogreah Maroc in August 2007.

In its new form, Artelia Maroc becomes a major player in the engineering sector in Morocco, benefitting from the Group’s synergy and a size that is better suited to the competition and to the business development objectives shared by all the players involved.


  • Building construction
  • Multi-site projects
  • Industrial facilities
  • Water
  • Maritime
  • Environment
Fields and expertise

Fields of expertise

The Water and Infrastructure (EI) unit:

  • Urban and tourist development, roads & utilities, agricultural irrigation systems 
  • The environment
  • Ports and maritime projects
  • Development of urban transport infrastructure (tramways, BRT lines, etc.)
  • Renewable energy 
  • Dams and hydraulic structures
  • Drinking water supplies in urban and rural environments, and drinking water treatment plants
  • Sewerage systems (wastewater and stormwater) and wastewater treatment plants

The Building Construction, Industrial Facilities and Multisite Projects (BIM) unit:

  • Construction supervision services and cross-disciplinary design studies 
  • Assistance to Owners
  • Programme management
  • Organisation, Planning and Coordination (OPC)
  • Auditing and external monitoring 

An Industrial Process unit:

The “Industrial Process” unit, which was created when the Artelia Group acquired Auxitec, provides expertise based on the latest technological developments in the industrial sector, thereby allowing Artelia Maroc to assist its clients in the following activity sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Food processing

A design office specialising in building construction:

The Building Construction Design Office broadens the expertise of the BIM unit with technical studies concerning the following lots:

  • Structural frameworks
  • Fluid networks (HVAC & plumbing)
  • Electricity networks (power, lighting and communication circuits)

Keys projects

  • Sindibad Beach Resort
  • Faurecia
  • Ipharma
  • Renault Centre
  • Atalayoune district: development of roads & utility networks
  • Bouregreg urban development project 
  • Improving the reliability of drinking water supplies in the city of Chefchaouen and to rural populations in Chefchaoun and Tétouan
  • Development project at Plage des Nations beach resort
  • Park Hyatt Hotel
  • Sofitel – Jardin des Roses. Creation of the “So night Lounge” and extension of the spa