Basel-Mulhouse Airport

Extension of a cross-border airport hub

Like the sector as a whole, three years after the Covid crisis, the Franco-Swiss Basel-Mulhouse airport, also known as EuroAirport, has regained its level of activity and growth. It is now planning to extend its facilities in order to pursue its development in passenger transport (business and tourism) and express freight. Artelia is managing this project and overseeing the design and construction.


Located on French territory, on the border between Germany and Switzerland, EuroAiport welcomed just over 9 million passengers in 2019, a level that it is now tending to regain after the sharp drop caused by the Covid epidemic. In view of the growth forecasts for the aviation sector, the Board of Directors has decided to extend and modernise the airport facilities to meet future requirements in terms of safety and health standards, improve its competitiveness, enhance the quality of service and increase the terminal’s capacity to cope with the expected doubling of passenger numbers over the next 10 years. The complete programme, which covers an area of between 20,000 m² and 30,000 m², includes a multimodal hub and is based on modular constructions.

Artelia is assisting EuroAiport in managing this operation, studying its architectural and technical feasibility, then supervising the design of the project and the construction of the buildings. Our teams are part of the environmental and low-carbon policy of the airport, which has already taken measures to reduce noise pollution (banning take-offs after 11pm) and has just been connected to the district heating network of the neighbouring town of Saint-Louis. In the extension project, particular attention is being paid to reducing road traffic around the airport.