Hatta pumped-storage station

Contributing to the diversification of Dubai’s power mix towards renewable energies.

Developed by DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority), this pumped storage power station (PSPS) is part of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to supply 100% of the city’s electricity from renewable sources by 2050.

The development includes the creation of an upstream reservoir, a waterway to connect it to the existing downstream reservoir, a power station equipped with two reversible turbine pipes and other ancillary infrastructure (roads, underground power lines, etc.).


Between 2015 and 2017, Emir Mohammed ben Rachid Al Makloum launched the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, with the aim of increasing the share of renewable energies in the city’s total electricity production capacity to 100%, from its current almost 100% reliance on natural gas. A development towards an energy mix based largely on solar energy has been initiated, with the implementation of a major site with a production capacity of 5,000 MWp.

The creation of the Hatta pumped-turbine station is another step in this strategy, providing the Emirate with hydraulic storage capacity for surplus electricity generated from intermittent sources. This station uses surplus electrical energy (solar during the day) to pump water from a low reservoir to a high reservoir, then turbines it to supply electricity during peaks in consumption (evening, morning).

Artelia is providing consulting engineering services for the EPC contractor, Strabag-Özkar. This first pumped storage station in the Persian Gulf will be connected to the existing Al Awwal reservoir (capacity 6.5 Mm3). The project involves creating two BCR dams (71 m and 37 m high) to form the upstream reservoir (capacity 5.5 Mm3), and digging a waterway between the two, comprising a 1,250 m tunnel, a penstock and upstream and downstream water intakes. Water transfer and electricity generation are provided by a power station equipped with two reversible variable speed generators (total installed power capacity 250 MW).