Protection and regeneration of the Pout catchment area

To prevent the depletion of an aquifer system essential to the water supply of Greater Dakar

As part of Adapt’Action, an Agence Française de Développement (AFD) programme dedicated to adapting to climate change, our teams have studied the vulnerability and developed a strategy for the protection and sustainable management of Pout groundwater area, an aquifer that is crucial to the water supply of Dakar and the surrounding region.


The aquifer system in the Pout area is used to supply drinking water to Greater Dakar, intensive irrigated farming and some nearby industries (mines, cement works). This over-exploitation has led to a lowering of the water table and the drying up of Lake Tanma. This situation is likely to be made worse by climate change. Projections suggest that lower rainfall and higher temperatures will further reduce groundwater resources.

As part of Adapt’Action, a tool dedicated to adapting to the impacts of climate change, the French Development Agency (AFD) has awarded Artelia a feasibility study for a project aimed at improving the situation in a sustainable way. Our teams drew up an inventory of the situation and analysed vulnerabilities with regard to various climate scenarios. They then helped to draw up a strategy for the protection and sustainable management of the resource. The strategy is based on improved governance (to better understand and share the resource), the development of an innovative artificial groundwater recharge system (to improve the water balance) and the implementation of nature-based solutions (to make better use of water and prevent soil erosion).