Safran Nacelles

Turnkey tooling for the aerospace industry

Safran Nacelles designs, integrates and provides support and after-sales service for aircraft nacelles, the structure around the engine. The company is a world leader in the market for commercial aircraft with more than 100 seats, business jets and regional aircraft. In order to improve the productivity of the assembly lines at its Hamburg and Toulouse plants, Safran Nacelles has entrusted Artelia with the production of integration carts dedicated to the manufacture of nacelles for the A320neo.


For several years now, Safran Nacelles has been relying on digital technologies and automation to improve its industrial efficiency, agility and productivity. The company was a pioneer in the robotization of composite parts manufacturing, and has progressively automated its assembly and finishing operations. Today, it highlights its “mobile or pulsed lines, which help to reduce nacelle production cycles” and “the use of carts to assemble all nacelle components”.

Artelia contributed to these improvements, in particular by supplying turnkey integration carts for the manufacture of A320neo nacelles. Our teams delivered a solution that enables all integration, inspection, painting, sanding, final inspection and transport operations to be carried out on a single cart. In addition to boosting productivity, this tooling also improves operator safety by reducing the number of times the gondola is handled. This mission was part of the modernization of the Hamburg and Toulouse plants, and the ramp-up of nacelle production for the A320neo.

Photo credits: Adrien Daste, Safran