TRÆ, a wooden tower at the highest level

TRÆ, a wooden tower at the highest level

In collaboration with the Lendager Group, Artelia Denmark is designing a 78 m, 20-storey wooden office building that is one of the highest in the world in this category of construction and incorporates a highly advanced approach to the reuse and recycling of materials.

This exemplary project, developed by Kilden & Hindby, has raised the interest of the municipality of Aarhus and received financial support from the Klimafonden foundation.


The challenge of constructing a wooden building almost 80 metres high is one that few developers and builders in the world have taken up. TRÆ will be the tallest building of its kind in Denmark. To design this tower, Artelia drew on its technical expertise in timber engineering and various associated skills, particularly in fire safety, one of the cornerstones of timber construction.

TRÆ’s other original feature is a very proactive approach to reusing and recycling materials. The project includes the use of old wind turbine blades on the façade to provide solar protection for the building. This is a way of making the most of a waste product (often composed of epoxy and fibreglass) that is likely to become increasingly abundant with the development of wind power. A comparative analysis with aluminium, which is often used as a solar screen, shows that the estimated carbon footprint of wind turbine wings is 27 times lower.

With its extensive use of recycled materials, TRÆ has a demonstrator dimension. The building will have three floors showcasing different categories of materials (bio-sourced, recycled and reused). The aim is to demonstrate the potential for savings in CO2 emissions that these practices offer, and to advance sustainable construction.

Photo credits : Lendager, Architect