ARTELIA Healthcare

A Business Booster dedicated specifically to healthcare

ARTELIA Healthcare

With a network of over 50 branch offices in France and a presence in almost 40 countries worldwide, the Group made healthcare one of its very first business lines. 

Gathering together multi-disciplinary skills from across the Group

ARTELIA Healthcare harnesses the skills, expertise and knowledge of nearly 270 employees covering the fields of major acute care (medical, surgical and obstetrics) projects, medical, social, psychiatric and follow-up care and rehabilitation, as well as the associated patient accommodation facilities and activities.

They join forces to design solutions meeting the key challenges faced by healthcare establishments: 

  • Asset management 
  • Functional optimisation 
  • Digital technology 
  • Sustainability 
  • Construction supervision

Our architects, engineers and managers help clients implement their projects by assisting with the feasibility and programming stages or providing technical project management, design and works supervision services or turnkey solutions. 

The hospital of the future is being designed today! 

ARTELIA Healthcare is rallying in response to the crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic that has swept around the world is also proving the need to anticipate crises of this type by adapting the ways in which healthcare establishments are designed, built and operated. 

It is time to question their modularity, streamline their investment budgets, enhance projects by drawing on best practices learned from digital hospitals, and optimise operation with the aid of BIM. 


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