Healthcare sovereignty and pharmaceutical manufacturing

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 revealed the extent to which European nations depend on imports of medicines and the active pharmaceutical ingredients essential to their manufacture. The issue of healthcare sovereignty was thus raised once again at an EU level and a number of member states declared their desire to secure their supplies of medicines, in particular by relocating industrial production and boosting their domestic capabilities. David Papillon, who is overseeing for Artelia the design of the Seqens paracetamol plant in Roussillon (SE France), tells us what he has learned about this new movement taking shape in France.

Aalborg University Hospital’s thalassothermal system

Aalborg University Hospital's thalassothermal system

Aalborg University Hospital’s thalassothermal system Using lake water to heat and cool a new hospital The cement manufacturer Aalborg Portland uses massive quantities of chalk in its production process. Many excavations have over time formed a chalk lake at the company’s facilities, and this now provides district cooling for the new Aalborg University Hospital. The […]

Soitec Bernin

Extension d’une usine de fabrication de matériaux semi-conducteurs

Manitou Candé

Quality and ergonomic tooling to optimize an assembly line

Seqens Phoenix 15

Construction of a paracetamol production unit with a low environmental footprint

Novasep Sirius

Extension of a production line for active pharmaceutical ingredients