Benoît Clocheret: “Let us honor the universal mission of engineers, scientists and technicians Let us honor the values and motto of France”​

Companies, and engineering firms in particular, are an essential driver of progress and prosperity, thanks to the services they provide to their customers and the employment they generate. Artelia significantly contributes to this momentum thanks of its 8,900 committed employees across more than 40 countries. In recent years, companies have also been encouraged to endorse an increasing social, societal and environmental responsibility. Artelia takes its full share, in particular through its initiatives in favor of gender diversity, inclusion, environmental transition and through its Foundation. Finally, we all unceasingly work to make Artelia a welcoming, caring, harmonious and unified company.

Inauguration of the MEDELIA Chair

Medelia chair inauguration

We are proud to announce the official inauguration of the MEDELIA Chair, an exciting initiative supported by SPRETEC, a subsidiary of the Artelia Group dedicated to mechanical engineering for mobile metal structures such as lock gates, dam winches, mobile bridges and handling and lifting equipment in the river, maritime, hydraulic and nuclear sectors.

Artelia publishes its 2022 extra-financial performance report!

To respond to the rapid environmental and social changes taking place, Artelia has revised its CSR policy commitments upwards for 2025. Structured around 4 pillars, it is now broken down into 20 tangible objectives that echo the company’s raison d’être: designing solutions for a positive life.